CONTEST ~ Name My Dog

By Unknown on 4:39 PM

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UPDATE: I've received some awesome submissions so far:

@Poker Lawyer - Stu, Proust, Ballz, "Doyle," Brunson," "Zinger," "Dolly," or "Godfather"

@MikeDurand "Zing" "Tank" "Benny"

@barneyboatman @kimshannon BitchBoy

@ohm2k Short Buy

@sweetjamespei Jackpot

@tj coach Pocket Aces

@kari2867 Acr

@gregkuroda Lucky

@larryspraker since you are helping a dog literally hit one of their "outs", go with "outs", "river", "suckout", or the like

@okheresthething Doyle, Brunson, Slimey Gash, BJ, Rimshot, Richocet, Or Trips.

@vocabularry Personally I'd go with Badbeat or Stacks.

@urbanazian Reload

@whoisdavidclark Bink!

@verbgravy I didn't even check the picture, but I'm pretty sure you should him slowroll or busto.

@zebezeba lassie

@55franchise Stay. Think about calling the dog.

@jennyablue Chip

@aclayman60 kitty

@notlikeyou rebuy

@jokerroper rico

@urbanazian Spew, Stuck

All FANTASTIC suggestions! So far, I'm partial to "Bink" and "Dolly". Travis likes "Tank" and LOVES "Chip". Hmmmm... Decisions, decisions.

Tomorrow, my boyfriend (@OnAFoldDraw) and I are going to the animal shelter to adopt a rescue dog. Normal folks get a dog and then name it according to its personality. Like I said, that's what NORMAL people do.

Because what matters to me, above anything else, is that we save a dog from being euthanized, it really doesn't matter what the dog's breed, age, size or sex is. I'll be picking out the dog that most closely fits the name that YOU guys have chosen.

When you think of @kimshannon & @OnAFoldDraw's dog, what do you see it being named? Submit your best dog name choices via Twitter ( or Facebook ( using the hashtag #NameThatDog. If your submission is chosen, you not only receive the honor of naming our dog, your Twitter name (or your real name, if you don't have a Twitter account) will be the dog's last name!!

Remember, we're choosing our rescue dog based on it's name, so make it a good one!!!

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