From Manic To Depressed In 0 Seconds - (Patricia)

By Kim Shannon on 4:00 PM

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I am 37 years old married with one son. I was diagnosed May 2008 after years of being misdiagnosed first they diagnoed me with severe depression and put me on antidepressents which blew the bipolar way out of control . I can go from being manic to severly depressed in 0-0 seconds. I have put my family through pure hell i am a good frienf who is fun to be around i love spemding time with my family but when i am depressed i just lock myself in my room and dont want to be around anyone. And then there are times when i am manic i clean everything i shop and spend alot of money and it is then that i am so happy to be around. I am so blessed to have found this site and my family here everyone understands and there is not judging i wish i had found it alot sooner than i did. I Love You All

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