All They See Is Me (Lindsey)

By Kim Shannon on 11:47 AM

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My story is in the form of a poem... I hope that's okay. This is my life with bipolar 2 mood swings.

All they see is me….
By Lindsey

When I feel you coming
it is like a tidal wave that slaps my face,
and captures my breath.
I can’t run from you, I can not hide.

I have to face you,
as if I am in a field
all alone
and I am being hunted.

When I have been captured
it is disabling.
You take possession of my soul.

You rob me of myself,
my emotions,
and my thoughts.

I take on your feelings
and your judgment.
No matter how grisly it is,
I am forced to cope with it.

You drive me to be your abettor,
in all the shameless acts
that you perform.

You leave my loved ones to
pick up the ruins, when you
have had enough and gone.

When you depart,
I am left crumbling
with little explanation.

I am weak and I am drained.
I have nothing left to put forward.
All you cause is pain and heartache.

I try to hide you from the world
and detest it when
you suddenly peer around the corner.

The majority of the world has never met you.
Some are intrigued,
most despise you,
and the rest
are worried by your presence.

You are a part of me,
and I am accepting that now.
Not everyone is that willing.

I can not seem to control you,
no matter how hard I try.
For now, I just need to live with you.

I am not sure if
everyone can
live with us both.

Not many see you
for who you truly are.

All they see is me.

- Submitted by Lindsey

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