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After 2 straight months of diligently working on my game, I've decided to try something new, and invest in myself. I'll be playing the upcoming WSOPc series at Caesars, Atlantic City.  

I'll be taking a stab at it in the following tournaments - if you happen to be in the area on these dates, feel free to stop by and wish me luck or slip me your room key.

Monday, March 4th - Event #4 - No-Limit Hold 'Em - $365 - Ring Event

Wednesday, March 6th - Event #6 - No-Limit Hold 'Em Six Max - $365 - Ring Event

Friday, March 8th - Event #9 - No-Limit Hold 'Em Turbo - $365 - Ring Event

Saturday, March 9th - Ladies No-Limit Hold 'Em - $250 - Non-Ring Event

Sunday, March 10th - Event #11 - No-Limit Hold 'Em - $365 - Ring Event

In the event that I should accidentally do something very right and FT one of those, I plan to play the Main Event as well, which is on Saturday, March 9th ($1675).

Good luck, me.

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Kim, I never really got to follow you at all this did you do in Vegas? Last I heard you had trouble with a driver's license issue, got it solved and then was able to play at DSE III, but what about your results and what about after that? What about the 2 straight months of diligently working on your game, did it pay off? Oh, btw, you're not tweeting enough.

Posted on Wednesday, July 10, 2013  
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