Eatabagadix Twitter!! No God = KNOW Censorship

By Kim Shannon on 11:56 AM

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**NOTE:  To hear more about the terrible atrocities of yesterdays trending topic war on Twitter, please go pay a visit to my atheist blog:  Goddities

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Hi kids! Without any mincing of words, the Douchebag Of The Day (by a landslide) is Twitter. For their undeniable censorship & bias, they are awarded my raised middle finger, a bushel basket full of disappointment, and a one year supply of bad-mouthing and mistrust.

SHAME ON YOU TWITTER! Even Jesus thinks you're a douchebag.

*Honorable mention for Douchebag Of The Day goes to the Christian who tweeted the following, in response to the #NoGod thread: "if there's no god how did balloon boy come safely to earth?"

Yeah. He really said that.


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Wow, what a load of crap on twitters part.

Posted on Wednesday, October 21, 2009  

I love the site. You have a lot of good posts here. I have a site as well that provides inspiration and guidance to people around the world. I was wondering if we could do a link exchange, so we can tell our visitors about both of our sites. Let me know.


Posted on Thursday, October 29, 2009  

And what did you dress up as. lol

Posted on Wednesday, November 04, 2009  
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