Forgiving - (Submitted by Terry)

By Kim Shannon on 3:28 PM

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i want to forgive
you or him or she
or them or that race

someone, somehow
i don't care right now who



just a primal urge
a fountain of reminding me

adding my burden of remorse
to the great back that
ends under the weight
of the universe all us

now i need to forgive
misuse the misappropriated
fantastical slide rule i

don't understand but

governs leftover calculus equations
                       in the queasy pit of my stomach
                                    that i tangentially know are me

forgive me - myself

for anything

for everything

for nothing

i can't

you can

i can't swallow to forgive
what i did and didn't do

you can - you will
this is not a test

who are you? who the fuck are you?
telling, telling, that to, to me
numbers don't count

you can

i can't

of all in the world
you know why

you can

i can't
i can't look into my eyes

forget what shame transcends
i can't lose my desperation
never vanish my shadow

you will

i won't


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