Semantics, Hypocrisy & Other Things On My Mind

By Kim Shannon on 1:27 PM

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Bear with me folks... I am a smidge manic today (I know - you're shocked.)

I've been attempting to decide which of the 98 1/2 subjects zipping through my head I'd like to talk about, but I can't settle firmly on one...

Therefore, I will be making brief statements about a few different things today...

1. Is it just me, or is anyone else's curiosity piqued as to why we can't buy a 50 Cent CD at Wal-Mart because he raps about guns, but what you CAN buy at Wal-Mart is a GUN?

2. I'm thinking that if your bedtime is "Tuesday", there's a good chance you may be bipolar.

3. I really for the life of me CANNOT UNDERSTAND why some people get so bent out of shape about how their Bipolar Disorder is referenced in relation to them as a person.  Is there a collossal difference between "I AM bipolar" and "I HAVE Bipolar" ???  I submit that no, there is not.  Use your valuable breath to talk about something that actually matters, like the fact that Baby Ruth bars only have about 45% of the nuts they used to have, or that a seven year old committed suicide -




4. A seven year old Iranian boy committed suicide. Yeah. A SEVEN YEAR OLD.  When I read the article which talks about the boy's self inflicted death, I literally became sick. A SEVEN YEAR OLD.... it makes one think, does it not?

But here's the kicker folks; the powers that be are (of course) blaming the media.

An excerpt from the article, which was published on Medical News Today:

This seems to be the first case of attempted copycat suicide in a child under 10 years old. Exposure to suicidal behaviour in the media has been strongly linked to copycat suicide attempts but never in someone so young. This case warns of the potential danger to young people who are exposed to suicide even when it is fictional, and exposes the previously ignored role of attention deficit and impulsive behavioral traits on suicide...

I'm not sure what I think about a 7 year old hanging himself, and the media being faulted... but I'd be really interested in hearing from anyone who DOES know what they think about it.  The jury is still out on that one for me.

You can get the full article here:

It's sad, sad, news.....

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Mr. Bojangles

And you just spoke of one of the many reasons I boycott Wal-Mart.
Regarding the unfortunate incident with the little boy, I find myself saying "There goes another parent off the hook, thanks to the image of the media." I say place blame where blame belongs, which is in the lap of his caretakers.

- - - Enjoyed this - - -

Posted on Wednesday, February 18, 2009  

Two things. It is simply the easiest way to place blame elsewhere than where it belongs. And it is one way the media can grab a story and spin with it.

They don't care that it is a little boy lost enough to kill himself. Or imitating what he sees.

It's true there are things in the media/TV that kids will look at and say hey that looks like fun, I think I'll try it. They aren't old enough to understand the ramifications of what they are imitating.

It should be up to the parents to watch what their kid is absorbing from the media. But how does a parent do that when the kid is at school, or a friends house? Or the parents have to work. A parent can't can't filter everything out. It is impossible.

And what if this kid was depressed? Shouldn't someone have noticed that? It is very sad to even think about. But the fact remains he killed himself. They should be asking why and how could that little boy come to such a conclusion. Not blaming each other for the reason behind it.

Okay so more than two things. Just some thoughts.

Boo :\

Posted on Wednesday, October 14, 2009  
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