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By Kim Shannon on 5:40 PM

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i hate him

for one precise moment

as i watch my friends

animal attack, relentless

my hatred

orbits me

elliptical trajectory

seduces me

licks me slowly

toe to erection

to nape to lips

seers my senses

burnt raw

with exquisite precision

hatred floods my empty margins

so pure

like addiction

he’s punched to the ground

kicks vicious

blood and rain tangle

he says nothing

grasping for

air or saving

both causalities

i kick him

back of the head

hard it feels

but only glances

focus on leg now

thinking damage would be less

the others, i don’t recognize

frothing, feral

still kicking kicking

blood seeps thick

like plasticene from his nose and mouth

nothing in my ear but thrash, wallop

gurgling, wheezing after each

hard target strike

the inertia of aimless hate

slave to primordial childhood

i become alligator

i become dinosaur

foot targets the small of the back




until his back cracks

goes paranthetical

my hatred evaporates, breathes its last

collapses against the back of my skull

it sits there

not answering questions

i fall to my once steel haunches

his face is no longer

his eye – clouded, near to rupture – latches to mine

pleading? pleading? with me?

i’m powerless

i’ve spent my moment of hate

my second i’ve caring missed

i put my eyes between my knees

listening to the dust of his

tears, blood and dying

and pretend i’m not there

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