Let's Dine Out (Submitted by Terry)

By Kim Shannon on 12:13 AM

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Let’s Dine Out

some old bitch toothless for years moving parched
blood cracked lips smack, smack
metastasized tiara queen snake tongue yellowed by sidewalk
ground cigarettes slap,slap out, in
under her delicate thoughts strewn in rusted grocery cart
with cans and paper and magazines

all rotting

like her that bitch whose name is lost
in her own history in collections untouched
she leads now

i follow like i’m a fool and i don’t know and i can’t notice

she knows what i need she leads to
garbage bins behind pish- posh eateries
she calls me bastard and rapist describes my cock
as a raisin

together we feed the leftovers that were left over but
never salivated on by rich lips or wanted at home by fat wallets
she with gums mushing me, the bastard, chewing civilized in reeking clothes
eating cake, she looks at me like a bleeding lamb

eyes suddenly rainbows hard sun through rain clouds
lucidly she says we should both be dead


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