DIS ORDER (submitted By Terry)

By Kim Shannon on 11:32 PM

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This haunting poem was submitted by Terry M... He is as talented as he is compelling; I find myself completely drawn in by EVERYTHING he writes. Luckily, he's dumb enough to submit them for posting to ME!!! Thanks for your stupidity Terry - My blog is a better place because of your work!

sin and bones
thin and stones

transparency of a daughter
tracing paper skeletal

jaundiced teeth
falling out dying gums

i wish i were your impaled stomach
i wish i were the food you won’t
i wish i were your meticulous slices of carrot
             and celery and lettuce and evaporated milk
i wish i were your perennial water  bottle comfort

 i will be your ritual, i will lose your battle
 i will be the food at your funeral
 i will be your coffin
 i will be there

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Pretty good.

Posted on Sunday, June 07, 2009  
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