Unlikely Movie Sequels or Having Fun on Twitter

By Kim Shannon on 10:57 PM

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Hi Boys and Girls!

I have nothing compelling to say today, so I'll just keep my mouth shut...
But I AM getting rid of my "Bipolar Information" (serious mental health content and cynical sarcasm just don't mesh. I'm reminded of that Sesame Street (or was it the Electric Company?) song "One of these things just doesn't belong here; one of these things just isn't the same..."

and as I said a couple of posts ago, I'll be replacing it with the content submitted to me by other lunatics... It's good stuff. And speaking of good stuff - how many of you had the pleasure of today's
check out some of these Unlikely Sequel Titles!

Go to Twitter and search #unlikelysequels. For those of you who had a hard time cracking that code, it's http://twitter.com - then you type "unlikelysequels in the search box. And while you're there, come see me at http://twitter.com/kimshannon

Here are the Unlikely Sequels I posted - I dont want to pat my own back or toot my own horn, but pat pat and beep beep because they're GENIUS!!! If I do say so myself. And I do.  These Sequels Will Never Hit The Box Office:

**Girl Interrupted This Program To Bring You An Important Public Service Announcement

**Full Metal Smoking Jacket

**Fear and Loathing in Poughkeepsie

**Brokeback Molehill

**Sisterhood Of The Travelling Crotchless Panties

**Mi Casa Es Su Casablanca


**Ben Hur and Thur, Wurr have YOU Ben?

**Slumdog Hobo

**Alexander the Mediocre

**Babylon A.D.H.D.

**Boxing Helena Bonham Carter

**Ressuscitate Bill

**Buena Vista Social Club downgrades to XP

**Con Airhead

**Schindler's Top Friends List

**Don't Tell Your Mamma Mia! Directed by Woody Allen

**An Officer and A Gentleman's Club

**Blade Runner Up

**Rainman Proves The Theory of Evolution

**The Suckit List

**Bill and Ted's Fair To Moderate Walk Around The Block

**50 First Date Rapes

**The Dirty Whore Suicides

**Passion Fruit Of The Christ

**A Raisin In The Sundress

**The Ten Strong Suggestions (The Ten Commandments)

**"Roots" - The story of a bleached blonde

**The Seven Year Old (The Seven Year Itch)

**9 1/2 Inches  - The Reason Why It lasted 9 1/2 Weeks

**American Rye" - Manhandling the Loaf

**American Calligraphy

**Sean Connery is James Bond in Octogenarianpussy

**What's Regurgitating Gilbert Grape

**The Forgotten 2 starring Donnie Darko, Donnie Brasco and Donny Osmond

**The Pillow Fight Club

**Animal Rights House

**American Calligraphy (American Grafitti)

**Smokey And The Crackpipe"

**Jaws 5 starring Gary Busey

**Mommie Queerest - Joan Crawford Comes Out of the Closet

Being that you all are probably conjuring up some unlikely sequels of your own... Comment me and let me in on your brilliance!

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